Monday, October 6, 2014

Gluten-free For Me: Getting in a healthy breakfast

I often skip breakfast. I never used to, but I get up earlier than everybody else to get everyone to school on time, and still we are rushing to get out the door. Now, I work at home so it's not like I can't just fix something after I do the "morning rounds." But often I grab something quick (i.e. not the healthiest choice). It's a busy life we live, so I decided to try to do something for me while I'm getting everything together for everyone else.

I love a green smoothie filled with fruits, veggies, and flax seeds. It makes my body happy. But it it takes time to get out the ingredients, wash them, and cut them up (with the right blender you don't have to do much cutting, but I prefer not to eat the apple cores and the like) - time I don't have in the morning.

So last week during my evening preparation for lunch the next day I decided to make sure I had a little something for myself.

I put my kale, cut up apple and carrot, some flax seed and coconut oil in a container the night before and place it in the fridge. In the morning, all the major prep is done. I dump it in the blender with part of the banana, a tiny bit of stevia, and some protein powder (I use a natural brand that is made with good stuff - do your research), poor in a little almond milk, and let the blender do its work.

Even if I don't get to it before I leave, I can make it quickly when I get back and have it while working on a blog post!

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