Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Go Gluten Free Magazine

I'm not much of a magazine junky, but I was excited when my mom came across this one while we were out shopping the other day.

 It is really exciting to see how much more gluten free information there is out there, and this one has some really good information, like this article about common gluten myths. Actually I wish this article was on a billboard in every major city. A friend of mine one time posted the following on Facebook, "I'm not sure what a 'gluten' is, but I'm pretty sure I love it." I groaned and with great restraint kept from commenting, "Well, it's a good think you don't have celiac disease." She was among those that think gluten free is a fad that will fade with time. If only that were true, right? Anyway, great article.

And the magazine is chock full of recipes! I'm not sure if any of them are good, but I sure plan to try some out, and I'll let you know. Many of these recipes wouldn't contain gluten regardless, but they are still good recipes. And there were a lot of cookie and cake recipes as well. I will say that while several of the recipes were free of casein as well, many of the recipes contain milk and cheese, so if you are GFCF, then you will have to adjust the recipes.

Among a number of good articles was this one about gluten free apps. How cool is that?! Definitely a good magazine to check out!

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