Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Apologies

So, you, your kids, or your family have gluten allergies/sensitivities. And you've had to give up on all those wonderful foods you love, right? I mean, you've bought the gluten free stuff in the store, and it is okay. You've found a couple of mixes you like, but they cost an arm and a leg -- and those suckers don't grow back! You've gotten the cookbook(s) that gives you the gluten free "how to," but there are only a couple recipes out of a hundred that you like.

Or maybe this isn't you, but it was me a few years ago. I have a son with special needs, and he introduced us to the need to prepare foods a little differently, but then he was allergic to so many things that we had to prepare his food completely by itself. Then we found out that my second son was also sensitive to wheat, so a couple of years ago my mother and I started in earnest working on recipes that could give him, not just a version of what other kids were having, but a version that the other kids were going to want--food so good that there would be no need to say, "Sorry, it's gluten free."

We've had successes and we've had failures--although we prefer "failures" to be just another step on the way to finding great recipes. 

So far, my third child doesn't show any sensitivity to wheat, though the little rascal does appear to be sensitive or allergic to eggs. It couldn't be easy, could it?

While we are working on this problem, too, and will share recipes and products that serve the needs of those with multiple sensitivities, wheat (gluten) will be our main focus. 

Come along with us as we continue our journey into the world of gluten-free cooking. The blog where the food is so good, there is no need to apologize for it!

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