Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grilling Packets - Another Supper Success!

I am loving this beautiful weather! It was a perfect day for enjoying some time outside with the kiddos while supper was on the grill. It is just "me and the boys" for a couple days, so I wanted to do some simple meals that everyone would enjoy. I found this idea on Pinterest (I know I have mentioned that I love that "place"). With a couple of tweaks, it was perfect.

I cut up some potatoes, asparagus, green onion and kielbasa, and spread them evenly between five pieces of tin foil. Sprinkling each with extra virgin olive oil and salt, and making sure everything was coated, I folded it tightly together and placed them on the grill.

This was very easy.

Meanwhile, we read books, laughed,

and ran back and forth pushing large bulldozer toys.

Twenty-five minutes later, we opened our packets to deliciousness. Even Isaiah (the toddler) ate a whole packet - asparagus and all!

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