Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to School is official!

Look at those happy first day of school smiles. Never mind that I had to drag Eli out of bed and Noah gave me a complete refusal to eat any breakfast whatsoever. They were happy about going to school and had a great first day. And an even better second day (getting up was better and Noah ate his breakfast).

Evidently, Noah spent his entire second day of school laughing at the slightest provocation. His laughter had his teachers (there are four in his classroom) laughing so hard that at one point one of them had to excuse herself to keep from wetting her pants. I'm guessing that means he is happy to be back at school. That makes this mama's heart happy.

But (there had to be a but, right?!) being "back-to-school" is about to kill me. Perhaps I should say, being "back-to-school" AND having gluten-free and allergy-free kids, one of them with special needs, and the other one playing football is about to kill me. I spend hours, literal hours, every day preparing food (I'm so sick of preparing food that I had chips and salsa for breakfast).

I spent the entire evening planning and preparing supper for that night and Noah and Eli's lunches the next day. I get a load of laundry thrown in, give a few kisses, and check a little homework. We get home from practice for more food, baths, and bed. Then I have to do the dishes.

I married a wonderful man, who happens to be a college football coach and might as well be out of town the next several weeks because his job currently consists of a little thing called, "Summer Camp."

Last night I fell into bed fully clothed. Dare I admit that I took my boys to school in those clothes?

And now, I am done complaining. I want to work on ways to make this whole "gluten-free meals" thing a little easier. I want to have a little bit of time to breath. So this is going to be my focus for a while, and I'll be sharing a post or two along the way about what I am doing to make this easier.

What are things that you do that make it a little easier? Please share!!

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