Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gluten-free Time Crunch: Making Mixes

Remember my crazy rant the other day about how doing a bunch of gluten-free meals on top of everything else was going to kill me? As I sit here typing that sentence I find a little part of my brain mimicking in a not-so-nice way the old saying "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger." I'm human - not the best of my kind, but not the worst either. Anywho...

I'm still working on making this whole life-style thing a little easier, and it just so happened that on Saturday I decided to make my family (who were begging for them) some brownies. Now there are some good gluten-free brownie mixes out there, but I ain't gonna lie. My brownies are scrumptious. (You can click for a link to the recipe).

But I wanted to see how much longer it would make to put together two sets of dry ingredients instead of just one. That way, when I'm running around crazy getting ready for that fun event in which I volunteered to make brownies the day after one of those crazy-writing-running around-keeping children alive-football practice days, I have a baggie full of my own (less than half the price and better-tasting) brownie mix.

Y'all! Since I'm already getting all the ingredients and measuring cups anyway, it took me less that five minutes extra! And I mean "less than."

 Now, I still have to add the eggs, oil, water, and vanilla, but I've saved myself a few minutes anyway. 

I poured the mixed dry ingredients in a baggie. Voila! 
I didn't plan a time to take an extra three hours (who has that?!) to make a bunch of mixes. I took the time I was already doing it anyway. So, I'm going to do this with other things.

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