Monday, February 3, 2014

Gluten-Free Cheese Cake Squares

I'm not one who cares for box mixes, particularly cakes, but one recipe I used to rely upon before going gluten free was cheese cake squares. From a box of a popular yellow cake mix along with some eggs, butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar comes a dessert so delicious that even my father and husband will fight over the last one. I have thought on a number of occasions that I would come up with the "cake mix" myself to make this treat gluten free. But sometimes it is just nice to grab that box of mix.

Enter Betty Crocker Gluten-Free yellow cake mix. Yes, it is still fairly expensive, and yes, there is not nearly as much flour in the mix (you have to get two boxes), but I really wanted to give it a try with a mix. I think most any gluten-free cake mix would do (actually, I'm quite sure some would be better than others), but just make sure you have at least three cups worth of the cake flour mix.

Anyway, I made that trusty recipe using one and one-half boxes of the Betty Crocker mix, and my family was quite pleased. Here are all the ingredients:

Layer 1
1 and 1/2 Boxes Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix (or your favorite mix - about three cups)
1 stick butter - melted
1 egg
1/4 cup water

Mix these ingredients with spoon. This will be quite dry, so I used my hand to  knead the ingredients together to form a nice ball. Press into bottom of 9x13 baking dish.

Layer 2
1 8oz block cream cheese
2 eggs
1 box powdered sugar

Beat eggs and cream cheese with mixer. Add powdered sugar and beat until there are no lumps. Pour mixture over the first layer. Bake at 300 for about an hour or until top is crusted over and lightly brown. 

Try not to eat too much! 

I would suggest the top being a little more brown, but my boys like it a bit mushy so I took it out of the oven a little early.

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