Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Of Our Favorite Gluten-Free Products: Annie's Microwavable GF Mac & Cheese

This is what it looks like in the box.

This is what it looks like being devoured. Any questions?

The reasons we love it?

1. My kids love mac-n-cheese. Nothing to explain there.

2. It is easy. I'm not one for processed foods, but Annie's does a much better job with their ingredients, which is something this mom really appreciates when it comes to a quick favorite.

3. While it does cost more than the gluten-containing stuff, it is still cost effective to make one serving for the baby (who is almost two - where does time go?!) or quickly make some before school and put in our small thermos container for lunch. In other words, making a whole box of the multi-serving stuff before school not only takes more time, but also leaves left-overs that may or may not be eaten. So I'll take a dollar per serving as opposed to $2.50 or more.

4. Did I mention it is easy?!

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