Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beach Lasagna

One thing our family almost always does on vacation is stay in a place with a kitchen. We most often rent a house or condo on the beach and bring pre- cooked meals whenever possible. 

Our favorite pre-cooked vacation meal is lasagna. I make it the week before our trip with brown rice noodles (Tinkyada) in a disposable lasagna pan. I wrap it up with plenty of tin foil, freeze it, and then pack it in the cooler. When we arrive, it is still frozen solid. I just transfer it to the freezer and get it out in time to thaw it and bake it for dinner.

It is filled with cheese and spices from the garden but there is something about having it at the beach after a day in the water that makes it very special. After that, we usually have left overs and sometimes even a second meal.

We serve it with a salad (spring mix with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, topped with salad dressing.

Of course we use paper plates. We love to eat good food, but dishwashing IS something we try to avoid.

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