Monday, July 28, 2014

Gluten-free Back to School Week!

Can you believe it is that time again?! Vacations and visits with family and friends have come and gone; another summer has flown by - another return to bedtimes and structure.

And we only have one week left to prepare!!! AHHHH!!!

The first day's prep? Dust off the lunch "equipment". It involves getting down on my hands and knees and digging through the plastics cabinet to find things I haven't even thought about for the better part of two months.

Here are the tools I use to make those gluten-free lunches that much easier to put together.
This container makes easy work of a sandwich or pasta salad (or whatever) with closed off portions for the added fruit and veggies. Another great thing about it is that it is not impossible to open like some containers. Great for kids and adults alike.

These little containers, also by Easy Lunch Boxes, are great for salad dressing or veggie dip. They don't leak, and they don't accidentally pop open, especially if you put it inside a larger container.

And for those days we want to send in something warm (I have a great irritation for Eli's school's lack of a microwave - they obviously have no understanding for what it is like to be gluten-free), I love this Foogo thermos (sold on A great way to send in leftover spaghetti or mac-n-cheese is to heat it thoroughly in the morning before school and put it straight into this container. It stays nice and warm through lunch time.

Gluten-free lunch was a much more difficult venture before I found these products. Do you have products that have helped make your or your kid's gluten-free lunches a snap?

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