Thursday, July 24, 2014

Take-along chocolate cupcakes

Fudgy and gluten-free chocolate cupcakes are generally a hit with everyone but while we were on vacation, we really, really loved these break-apart ones.

We had baked the cupcakes and started our trip with them frozen and placed in a pan, covered with foil. We just stuck them on top of everything else in the cooler. After the five hour drive, they were still pretty much frozen but we decided to go ahead and add the frosting anyway. After all, it was vacation and we all wanted a treat!

I had already mixed the dry ingredients for the frosting in a gallon baggie. It contained just powdered sugar and cocoa powder--enough to frost our 24 cupcakes. We purchased the milk and butter, and brought along vanilla flavoring. We just did a quick mix by just softening the butter and mixing in the milk and vanilla and whipping until the frosting was creamy. The next step was just pushing all the cupcakes together and topping them liberally with the delicious cocoa frosting. To serve we just broke them apart or used a butter knife to separate them. We didn't even remove them from the original pan. We just covered the cupcakes over with foil and they lasted for about five days, until they were all gone.

And, everyone thought they were yummy. I will admit they could get messy!

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