Thursday, July 31, 2014

GF Back to School Week: What's for lunch?!

For a while Eli went through a phase where he wanted to eat lunch at school. Now he complains if he has to do so - even on a day where it is easier to eat gluten-free. I have to admit that it makes this mama feel good.

I'm not going too in-depth with this post on specific recipes (although I will share some later as we get into school), but I wanted to share with you what things we have found work well for us.

Hot lunches for our Foogos thermos:

1. Annie's Gluten-free Mac-n-Cheese. A few minutes in the microwave, then mix in the cheese pack and put it straight into the thermos. Eli loves it. I usually put in some fruit and veggie snacks, chips or crackers, and a juice box.

2. Homemade spaghetti works well. Microwave it in a bowl until piping hot before putting it in your thermos.

3. Lasagna - same as spaghetti. Don't forget the plastic fork.

4. Bean soups - or any soup your kid likes!

Cold lunches

1. Pasta salads using Tinkyada noodles (other noodles get hard to quickly when cooled) - I'll have to post our BLT Pasta Salad recipe soon!

2.  Eli loves a lunchables-type meal with gluten-free crackers,  meat, cheese, veggie sticks, and grapes. Sometimes I add avocado as well.

3. A sandwich with gluten-free bread works well and is a staple for most people, but we like to make PB&J (although we use Sunbutter, not peanut butter) sandwiches using pancakes. Pancakewiches, anyone?

4. Lighter eaters may like a veggie salad with chicken. Eli is NOT a light eater. I think it is all the sports.

Favorite sides

1. Eli really likes Cliff's fruit twists

2. He also likes these Walmart bars, which are quite a bit cheaper than other brands.
Be careful! Some types contain peanuts.

3. I don't love for him to eat a lot of chips, but sometimes it's easy to throw in a pack of lays potato chips - and it's what the other kids eat. I also try to pack plenty of fruits and veggies, so I don't feel too guilty.

4. Eli loves a good dessert, and this one particularly tickles his fancy. But who doesn't love little cookies?5. I also do a lot of homemade goodies that don't cost nearly as much. USE THOSE LEFTOVERS!!School Snack - we have that every day to prepare for as well, and we usually stick to fruit and cheese... But... Click here for a snack mix that your kids will beg for (and you'll have to hide from yourself).I know there are many foods that we send for school lunches that I am just not thinking about right now, but I plan to share a lot more about that as the school year moves on. What are your/your kids' favorite gluten-free packed lunches?

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