Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GF Back-to-school Week: The Big Freeze

I'm not talking about the weather. I'm not talking about hiring (or the lack thereof), and I'm not talking about the price of certain goods.

What I am talking about is having the misfortune of being a "not-morning" person. I mean, I can rock 11:30 AM like no body's business, but when I had a mom tell me that she got up at 5:30 in the morning to make her kids' gluten-free breakfasts and lunches... Well, I didn't have an answer for her (and, ask my friends - I always have an answer). Actually the very thought of it made me want to fall asleep right then and there at little league practice.

The Big Freeze is what I do to keep myself from getting up at 0-dark-thirty to make breakfast muffins for my kids. I don't buy the expensive pre-made stuff, so I take a few minutes every day the week before school to freeze the stuff my kids will actually eat when they are in that pseudo-catatonic state that occurs before going to school. Namely, muffins, pancakes, and waffles.

(Always turn those muffins on their sides to cool. It keeps them from getting all wet on the bottom).

When I run out, I have to spend some time on weekends doing a little more of this, but muffins and pancakes are quite good heated a bit in the microwave before serving. Did I mention you didn't have to get up any earlier for this than you do cereal? Because that's important.

Last night I made my accidentally improved banana oat muffin recipe (don't worry, I'll share it soon), let them cool, and put them in a baggie in the freezer. The benefit of putting them quickly into the freezer is that they have that fresh-made texture even having to be warmed in the microwave.

The great thing about muffins is you can put them in one or two baggies - they won't stick together when frozen.

Today I made a double portion of pancakes and will freeze most of them two to a baggie (because they are impossible to get apart once frozen, unlike the muffins). The great thing about pancakes is that they also make great PB and J sandwiches (or Sunbutter and Jelly Sandwiches like we have due to Noah's peanut allergy) for lunches. Actually, all the other kids are jealous when your kids sits there eating a sandwich made from pancakes - not that we aim for jealousy. If it gives you some secret satisfaction to see jealous kids that typically turn their noses up at your kids because they have to eat differently, well, I won't say a word.

Like my "new"griddle. YARD SALE!! WOOHOO! That might be another post soon.

A double recipe of my "Wow" Pancakes makes about 40, which I freeze into 20 individual portions. Of course that dwindled by several portions when my kids decided to eat them plain for a snack.

Anyway, this is another thing we do to have back-to-school, gluten-free success.

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