Monday, March 31, 2014

Gluten-free Kroger

Okay, so the whole store is not gluten-free, but I was really impressed with a Kroger that I happened to frequent this weekend past.

I live out in the sticks. I've never been a big city girl, but for much of my life I have lived in easy driving distance of stores that carry most of the special foods I have needed for my little allergic fellas (who are not so little any more). By far the easiest was when I lived in Greenville, SC. There was a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's not far from where we lived.

Now I am twenty minutes from a Publix, and further to an Ingles. Each of them carry a few of the things that I need. Both have a gluten-free section that is about four feet wide and consists of four shelves. Needless to say, Amazon is my friend.

What I found out, however, is that there is a Kroger twenty minutes in the other direction. It is in a neighboring town that I don't usually frequent, but guess what is has?

A shelf full of Udi's!

A freezer full of various gluten-free products including these breads,

these gluten-free corn dogs (sorry for the blurriness),

and even gluten-free burritos.

There were gluten-free chicken nuggets (two brands), gluten-free frozen potatoes of every variety - hash browns, tater tots, waffle fries, all in sweet and white potatoes, and more!

I am also really pleased with Kroger's line of simple truth organic products like this quinoa. It is a couple dollars cheaper than any other brand I have seen. They have products ranging from almond meal to meats to dried fruits - all cheaper than the more well-known name brand.

And instead of it being spread out in the store where I might never figure out it had these products, they were all in one natural foods sections. What a huge help!

This Kroger has gained a frequent customer that it would not have had if it didn't have this great gluten-free/natural foods section. Do you have a local Kroger that has this great section?

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