Monday, April 14, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner - Gluten-free

Sometimes a quick gluten-free breakfast is the best thing you can have for supper.

I try to plan ahead, but last night I had no idea when I opened the fridge what I was going to make when the inevitable question was asked, "What are we having for supper?!"

Fortunately, I hadn't used the sausage yet, there were plenty of eggs, my kids love muffins, and I always have grits in the pantry (hey, I'm from Georgia).

Have you seen this brand of sausage? Notice the top, left corner. It is labeled Gluten-free! When I saw this new brand being carried by my local grocer, I snapped it up. It was really delicious and worked well in my recipe.

Everyone had a healthy helping of sausage, egg, and spinach scramble topped with cheese, grits, and oat muffins. And the best part? We had leftovers for breakfast!

and for the grits, make them according to package instructions - although I use a cup more water and cook them longer. We like them thick, but less "gritty."

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