Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recipes for our Gluten-free Summer Cookbook

I've been working on a few recipes for our upcoming cookbook, working title, "The No Apologies Gluten-free Summer." Here are a few things that are "almost there."

First I made Gluten-free Ham-n-cheese Biscuit Pockets. They weren't beautiful (as my mother was quick to inform me), but my boys loved them.

I was told by my middle child that these Gluten-free Pizza Bites were, "the best thing you've ever made!" I think they need a little more pepperoni.

Gluten-free Granola bars make a sweet snack that is healthier than traditional sweets, contain protein, and are travel-ready making them great for summer. This recipe is there in taste - needs a little help in the "holding together" department.

I think these recipes are all close to finished and will make great additions to our summer cookbook!

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