Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Gluten-free Cooking

We are working on perfecting our gluten-free summer recipes, and I thought I share a few pictures of the results.
We worked on pasta salad with gluten-free pasta using our own salad dressing recipe - isn't it frustrating that so many salad dressings contain gluten!

Here's a single serving - and boy was it tasty!

I'm calling this our BLT Pasta Salad (even though the "lettuce" is actually spinach). We used Ken's lite ranch dressing, which is gluten-free, and Tinkyada Rice Pasta, which does particularly well when you give it a couple extra minutes of cooking time.

We also made this red cabbage slaw with an Asian flair - lots of ginger made this a delicious alternative to the traditional mayonnaise-based slaws.

We also made gluten-free cheese cake squares (in which the recipe is *almost* there) and our own from-scratch slow-cooker baked beans. Nowadays you can get gluten-free baked beans, but ten years ago when we started this journey, it was almost impossible to find. The weird thing? Baked beans don't need gluten. Now we are that much closer to having our "No Apologies Gluten-free Summer" cookbook finished! Yay!

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